The Fountain of Youth FOUND! Nordic Skiing at Bogus Basin!

Not that many years ago I decided to try out nordic skiing (aka “cross country” skiing) at Frontier Point at Bogus Basin. There are two primary varieties – “classic ski”, which the skis are in the groomed track of the trail and “skate ski” where the skier uses a skating type movement primarily outside of the track.  Cross country skis differ from alpine (downhill) skis in that cross country skis are long and skinny.  The also do not have any metal edges and thus you can glide.

It can and probably will be quite humbling for the first half dozen times or so no matter what your athletic ability.  Bogus Basin has 37K of trails for sight seeing, cruising or all out intense physical training.  The Nordic center can provide rental equipment and instruction.  In addition, the Nordic Vertigals which is a woman’s only group that meets on Thursday mornings, provides both instruction and a fun loving social atmosphere  for all levels and abilities.

Skate skiing uses just about every muscle in your body.  It is one of the most demanding cardio sports in the world.   Consider you are doing an intense cardio, full body workout at ELEVATION which makes it even more challenging; considered a workout and a half more!  Skiing at a moderate-speed 5-7 m.p.h. probably burns around 600 calories per hour.  With that in mind, I like to come well fueled and hydrated.  (I will share with you in a future post my favorite smoothie recipes that keep me going).  Skate ski “racing” burns 1000 calories or more an hour.

What I find most intriguing about my time up on the hill is the variety of friendly people that I meet.  People of all different backgrounds, skiing at their pace, of all different ages.  What?!?   Did I just get lapped by an octogenarian?  I am always surprised by the beautiful “seasoned citizens”.  I think I found it… the fountain of youth!

How couldn’t one be more happy by going up above the gray, dreary, cloud covered skies in the valley to the brilliant blue/purple sunlight skies above.  Ahhhhhhh… fresh air, an exercised body and a renewed spirit!

Here is a little video of what it looks like up on Bogus.

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4 thoughts on “The Fountain of Youth FOUND! Nordic Skiing at Bogus Basin!

  1. So true. I consider myself to be a very fit person and skate skiing kicks my ass and leaves me sucking wind at the beginning of the last 3 seasons since I have started skiing . I seem to forget how hard it is… See you on the hill and at the races.

    • I suck at this blog thing! Are you ready for the Boulder? I’m still recovering from last weekends race and I do consider myself a very fit person… Until I get in the company of “those” fit people. Whole next level of fit!

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